Knowledge puffs up… or does it?

I was very impressed by this letter that J. P. Moreland received, and published in his book, Love your God with all your Mind (page 20).

My life has changed drastically during the past few weeks since you have been teaching and encouraging us to think. I used to be deathly afraid of witnessing and terribly fearful that someone might ask me something about my faith. Whenever I got into any kind of discussion, I was rather defensive and nervous. Well, I have been reading, rather, plowing through some of your lecture notes at church. As I absorb the information and logically understand the foundations for my faith, a calm is resting in my soul. I have been a believer for a long time and the Lord has done marvelous, specific things in my life. But now I understand why I believe, and this has brought me both peace and a non-defensive boldness to witness to others. Please don’t stop encouraging people to risk thinking objectively and arriving at conclusions based on logic and fact. My life will never be the same because of this encouragement.

J. P. Moreland has quipped that if knowledge does, in fact, puff up then the proper remedy is humility, not ignorance. Amen, J. P., Amen!

In Arguing with Friends I provide an overview of which subjects are most important to know about (with respect to the Christian faith), where to start learning about them, and more importantly the skills necessary to properly handle that knowledge with effectiveness and civility.

Thoughts? Objections? Let me know...

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