How do people find my website?

This is interesting. According to the WordPress statistics page somebody found my blog by using the search term, “conversational exchanges involving more than two people less.” When you do that search at Yahoo my blog entry Poached Conversations comes up in the first page of results. I’m not exactly sure what the were looking for, but they found me! So whoever arrived via that highly obscure search phrase, welcome here!

[Another interesting search phrase was, “learn akkadian online alphabet.” Again, I’m not sure what you were looking for, but welcome here.]

Also, as a point of interest, I’ve had over 1,000 visits to my site since I started up (pushing 1,200). Yay!

And, because this is just a “for fun” post I thought I’d leave you with some more Monty Python. This skit illustrates the very important life lesson of making sure we tailor our message to our audience in such a way that they will actually understand what we’re getting at. No, seriously, this is profound stuff!

(It doesn’t really start until 40 seconds in)


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