Falwell’s paradox

Falwell’s paradox is completely avoidable, but still funny!

When a Christian’s unwavering urge to share Christ’s message of love to everybody they know causes them to be hated by everybody they know.


The other paradoxes are great too (loved Kirk’s paradox!).

Falwell’s paradox is the simplest description of why I wrote Arguing with Friends. Like I shared in my interview with Brian Auten, success in these kinds of conversations simply must include the element of being invited back. Who cares what you say if people are running like you let one rip in an elevator. Even the Apostle Paul, persecuted and hated by so many, was invited back by at least some people (end of Acts 17).

It’s been said that if nobody hates you (as a Christian) then you aren’t preaching Christ. And if everybody hates you then maybe it’s just you. There’s that balance in the middle where some people reject the message regardless of the messenger, instead of the extreme where people reject the message because of the messenger. Be the first kind of person, and not just for evangelism.

[Thanks, Holly, for the link.]

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