More on the attraction of hate

I previously blogged on how attractive hate can be for some people; they love to hate others. This article draws attention to another use of hate; the accusation that other people are hateful with the implicit message that they ought to be more loving. While reviewing a book defending the traditional definition of marriage the author recognized that the book, though “charitable, clear, and persuasive,” was apt to be shunned as “hate speech” by the politically correct.

His insights with respect to assumptions people make about homosexuals and how (allegedly) easily they are offended are well worth reading. And when you’re done reading it, hopefully we can all stop choosing to hate each other and maybe even choose to stop labeling those we disagree with as hateful. Wouldn’t it be nice to bury the hate and accusations of hate and simply discuss these issues as rational human beings? Like Tom, “I can dream, can’t I?”

But until hate goes away, just remember that the accusation that some perspective is “hateful” is not, by any stretch of the imagination, proof that the perspective is wrong. In Arguing with Friends I call that “demonizing the other guy” and it is usually a sign that people are too lazy to present a “charitable, clear and persuasive” argument. Get used to it, but never do it to others!


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