You can make a difference!

One of the hopes I had for this blog was to use it as a forum to share experiences and debrief the good, the bad and the ugly. I have had a few people who have been generous enough to share their stories (see here and here) and I’ve used a number of my own (here, for instance) and I have also found a few on the internet (like this one). But I have to admit that I need more stories. If I am going to keep up this feature then I need people share their successes so we can all see an example of how to do this correctly, and I need examples of failures so we can consider what went wrong and learn from other people’s mistakes.

Perhaps that feels a little too personal; just a little too invasive. What does it look like to have your story shared?

Depending on your preferences I will often change names and details to protect identities. Of course, if I find somebody’s story online then there is no need to change details, but if you share your story with me in a more private setting (email, Skype, etc) then I will change as many or as few details as you would like, or that I consider appropriate. I also typically show you drafts of the article as I write it so you can make sure that I accurately recorded the details. There should be no surprises.

As I described in my interview with Brian Auten this is one area of life skills that people don’t seem to give enough thought to. My hope is to share and dissect stories of successes and failures in order to help people first of all to think about these issues (you won’t get better unless you reflect on how you are doing) and second of all to have some good case studies to consider as you reflect.

But that all depends on the availability of stories. I like that feature of my blog, but I’m not religiously tied to it. The continuation of the stories as a learning tool depends entirely on readers like you contacting me (the big “connect and share” link at the top). See, you can make a difference!

Don’t make me beg!


Thoughts? Objections? Let me know...

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