Of clarity of thought and drunken pastors

This is just too funny not to comment on. Some archaic wording of the King James Version, combined with a far-too-literal country preacher, led to some pastoral inebriation; mandated by God, no less!


Food for thought; if your interpretation doesn’t make sense there’s probably a reason for that. Try a few translations and perhaps a commentary or two. The point is to use your critical thinking spidey senses as I describe in Arguing with Friends. Think, people; just think a little!

This story is not unrelated to a previous post involving Russian Vodka. Why do so many problems in Bible translation involve alcohol? One could accept the official story or perhaps you’ll give an ear to my theory; the pastor had a bit of an affinity for the bottle and deliberately poured too much wine every communion service in order to fulfill that particular Biblical mandate. Just throwing that out there…


Thoughts? Objections? Let me know...

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