Good New Year’s Resolution – ask questions

I saw this article (thanks to Poached Egg) this morning. It’s about four killer questions. These are similar to the kinds of questions recommended in Greg Koukl’s “tactics” as well as in Arguing with Friends. For a good New Year’s resolution to help us all avoid quarreling with people and more effectively (and respectfully) get to the truth, perhaps we should all commit to memorizing these questions and using them far more frequently in controversial conversations.

You should read the entire article, but here are the four questions:

  1. What do you mean by that?
  2. Where did you get your information?
  3. How do you know that’s true?
  4. What if you are wrong?

In Arguing with Friends I suggest that every worldview needs to answer two fundamental questions, what and why? What does the worldview claim about reality and why believe it. The first of the four questions is essentially getting at the “what” question. The second and third touch on the “why” question. The last one doesn’t touch on either of the two questions I listed as essential, but it’s a great question to help you sort through which are the really critical issues and which are more tangential.

Anyway, head over to the article and give it a read. This year may we all resolve to employ better strategies in our conversations so we can more effectively get at the truth, and do so with our friends, not without them.

Thoughts? Objections? Let me know...

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