Taking a break from blogging

I have been learning something about myself through this process of writing a book and blogging. I prefer writing a book to blogging. I see merit in both and I wish I were equally capable and excited about both, but the truth of the matter is that I think I do better with long-term projects where I get to really develop a theme for a period of time and mull it over at length than I do with the fast-paced world of blogging.

Perhaps I set false expectations for myself as a blogger. That’s certainly possible and wouldn’t be the first time I aimed too high in life.

At any rate, I’m just feeling like I’m drying up on this blogging thing. So when you combine that with the fact that I have a number of other life responsibilities right now that need a little more attention it brings me to one conclusion; I need a break from blogging at Arguing with Friends. I intend to continue my weekly little blurbs on the “Proverbs” theme,  and if there is any news about the book or interesting links I come across I’ll probably blast out a quick entry, but any writing of real substance related to my book will need to take a back seat. I will probably still tweet every once in a while if you’ve been following my twitter account (@ArguingWFriends).

So I guess I won’t be completely dead in the water, just idling for a while.

I’m not sure when or how I will jump back in the game (or maybe I’ll just write another book instead) but for the next while it’ll get a lot quieter around here. Thanks for reading; I hope you have found some rewarding nuggets in all this. Perhaps consider purchasing the book if you did!

God bless, and may your arguments be friendly!


Thoughts? Objections? Let me know...

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