Proverbs 22:04 – Rewards of humility

On the heels of humility (the fear of the LORD) are riches and honor and life.

(Pro 22:4 GW)

Various translations seem to tie together humility and fear of the Lord though some seem to treat them as distinct concepts. It would make sense that understanding one’s rightful place before their maker would lead to an attitude of humility, yet it is possible even for those who do not have that understanding¬†to exercise an attitude of humility.

And they ought to! Humility is said to bring about riches, honor and life. The riches intended here are almost certainly not material possessions, but honor and life. Life, again, not being reduced to mere physical existence but something more akin to fulfillment of essence.

Those who are able to think in the deeper terms of “true” riches and “true” life are also the type of people who are more likely to arrive at the conclusion that humility is the order of the day. How beneficial would that be for interpersonal relationships if we could all be rightly described as “humble.”

Thoughts? Objections? Let me know...

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