Tim Keller – Reasons for God video series

Our church has purchased a subscription to Right Now Media. I started poking around in there and I found a video series by well-known pastor Tim Keller entitled “Reasons for God.” Right off the bat he impressed me with his video and I’m only one minute into the first one. Here’s why: Continue reading

Free book giveaway

It’s not Arguing with Friends but it sounds similar. I have not read Questioning your way to Faith so I am not explicitly endorsing it, but the basic premise sounds intriguing; like Arguing with Friends as a piece of fiction. And the subtitle, “Learning to disagree without being disagreeable” is spot on.


If anybody reads it let me know what you think of it. The book giveaway draw ends on Sept 21 so this is a limited time deal. Act now!

By the way the author, Peter Kazmaier, sounds like kind of a cool guy. Take a read through his bio.

5 reasons we need difficult people

This brief article has some overlap with Chapter 4 in Arguing with Friends. There are some good reminders in here about why difficult people should not automatically be avoided. Sometimes they need to eventually be avoided, but not right off the bat. Instead, each difficult situation we find ourselves in provides opportunities for growth that people who are easy to talk to never provide. Continue reading