Free book giveaway

It’s not Arguing with Friends but it sounds similar. I have not read Questioning your way to Faith so I am not explicitly endorsing it, but the basic premise sounds intriguing; like Arguing with Friends as a piece of fiction. And the subtitle, “Learning to disagree without being disagreeable” is spot on.

If anybody reads it let me know what you think of it. The book giveaway draw ends on Sept 21 so this is a limited time deal. Act now!

By the way the author, Peter Kazmaier, sounds like kind of a cool guy. Take a read through his bio.


2 thoughts on “Free book giveaway

  1. Hello Paul, thank you for your kind words on QUESTIONING YOUR WAY TO FAITH, and on my bio. As a fellow who grew up in Calgary (and still has many friends and family there), I’m interested to learn about the Network of Christian Apologists in Calgary. Can you tell me more about it? I will have to check out your book ARGUING WITH FRIENDS. it sounds very interesting.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Peter. More info about the NCAC can be found at A few of us blog, too, and you can read that at If any of the folks you still know in Calgary might be interested in what we’re doing please pass along our info.

      And if you ever find yourself in Calgary look us up!

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