Tim Keller – Reasons for God video series

Our church has purchased a subscription to Right Now Media. I started poking around in there and I found a video series by well-known pastor Tim Keller entitled “Reasons for God.” Right off the bat he impressed me with his video and I’m only one minute into the first one. Here’s why:

  1. He is tackling major objections people have to the Christian faith. He starts with the claims that the Bible is a myth and that science has disproven Christianity. It doesn’t get more central than that.
  2. His tone is cordial and gracious. He always strikes me as a thoughtful, decent person who knows how to respect those he disagrees with and take their objections seriously.
  3. There are six panelists in the video with him and we are told that none of them are Christians! I hope they are not just Christian actors meant to play non-Christians (I doubt it).

I’ll have to keep watching to see how well he handles the rest of it but I just had to share that this is such an encouraging way to start the video. He did not surround himself with a bunch of like-minded individuals so they could all tell each other how right they are. Rather, he threw himself into the “lion’s den” and it looks like he’s going to show us how to dialogue with others instead of fighting back. Discussion over antagonism. These are the kinds of ideas I discuss in Arguing with Friends.

Kudos to Keller.

One thought on “Tim Keller – Reasons for God video series

  1. We’re just about to finish up this series in our apologetics small group at my church and I highly recommend it.

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