You disagree, now what

My wife teaches a grade 2 class. They were learning a song which another teacher (I’ll call her Mrs. Smith) had begun teaching them on a day when my wife was away from school. As they were going over the words, my wife was teaching them a slightly different wording than the other teacher had taught them.

Well that seemed like a perfect “life lesson” opportunity for my wife. She asked them, “Mrs. Smith and I disagree on the words; what do you think we should do?” Many of the students, with a look of concern, told her, “You should apologize!”

It sounds funny coming from the mouths of children, but do we do this as adults? If I disagree with somebody on a political issue, or a social justice issue, or a religious issue, do I experience a sense of guilt for that disagreement? Are we made to feel bad if we do not tow the “party line” of whichever politically correct stance we are supposed to embrace?

We certainly need to handle our disagreements carefully, but I would like to suggest that an apology is probably not the right first step, even for Canadians!

Thoughts? Objections? Let me know...

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