Another book review

I know the date on the book review is April 1, but I’m pretty sure this is not an April Fool’s joke. The MB Herald, which is associated with the denomination I’m part of, has done a book review of Arguing with Friends. I’m quite pleased with it. The criticisms are relatively few and the reviewer acknowledges that some of his concerns are inherent to the nature of what I was trying to accomplish (i.e. it’s a short book that’s only a brief intro to the subject). It’s possible that my ambitions need to be reconsidered, but at least his criticisms were not along the lines of, “this guy sucks and the book is a total waste of time” or something like that. Maybe it’s because I’ve never written a book before, but that’s kind of what I expect to see every time I find out that somebody has reviewed Arguing with Friends. Instead, the criticisms are balanced with a number of compliments and an overall positive theme. It quite made my day. In fact, here’s a glimpse into the Buller house after a good book review: