Connect and Share

I would love to dialogue with you about the ideas described in Arguing with Friends. In particular I would love to hear, and maybe share, your story. Have you had some conversations of significance go well? Let’s celebrate and let others learn from them! Have you jeopardized a friendship because it went so poorly? Let’s all learn (without any harsh criticisms). Please share your story with me and – with your permission of course (names and details will typically be changed) – I may post it to my blog so others can celebrate and learn.

I would also love to share these concepts with groups of people; not just individuals. I have done a bit of public speaking in my time and I am comfortable with groups of just about any size. Contact me if you’d like a guest speaker at your Bible study group, youth group, Sunday morning, etc.

I am also interested in knowing if there are any typos or grammatical errors in my book. I’d be much obliged if you pointed out any that you found.


Facebook (book page): Arguing With Friends

Twitter: @ArguingWFriends

2 thoughts on “Connect and Share

  1. This is Nick.O from the CAA. I just started my wordpress blog, and i’ll give you a couple stories I’ve had and still on-going later today.

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