That’s a Great Question: What to Say When Your Faith Is Questioned

This book is temporarily free at Amazon Kindle. With such short notice I obviously have not had a chance to read it, but the basic premise sounds interesting, and it seems related to Arguing with Friends. Take a read and see what you think.

That’s a Great Question: What to Say When Your Faith Is Questioned

If you’re interested, here is the author’s Goodreads page. I didn’t see a website for the author, though I didn’t look very long. If somebody else finds it feel free to drop that in the comments. Also, any quick book reviews can be added there too.

So, I wrote another book

Well, to be more accurate, it’s a short story not really a full book. The basic concept behind it is, “what would you do if God let you change the world to make it better?” Imagine a dead Atheist being told he could change whatever he wanted about the world. What would you change? Would it actually make things better?

Amazon Kindle requires a minimum 99 cent pricetag so I hope that doesn’t break the bank for anybody. I actually intended it to be free but I guess you can’t do that with Kindle. It’s at the link below, if you think it might be worth the investment.

Ramping back up again

In case you hadn’t noticed (or if you read my blog from some time ago) I’ve been laying quite low for a while. There are a number of reasons for this, most recently because we’ve been facing some health issues in our family so my mind has been elsewhere. Don’t worry, that story has a happy ending.

But I am starting to brainstorm some ideas for the next revision of Arguing with Friends. I don’t have a set timeline for this yet and the way my life is running right now it will probably be a very long time in the future. However, as I brainstorm I thought I’d see if anybody who reads my blog had any comments to inspire my rework of the book. Specifically I am looking for two things.

  1. If you have read the book, do you have any specific feedback? I have received some excellent feedback from a number of sources, and I will be making some changes based on their suggestions, but I’m always open to further commentary. I love hearing both the good and the bad. What aspects of the book have been positively influential for you (I shouldn’t make major changes in those areas) and what parts of the book were just confusing and/or misguided in your view? I’m all ears either way.
  2. Whether you have read the book or not I am considering making a companion study guide for small groups. A number of people have made this suggestion. I’m not really into study guides for small groups so I don’t have a lot of experience with those. If you have gone through a book with a small group that had a study guide that you thought was really well done could you drop some titles? I’d love some direction on what makes a good study guide.

Thanks, that’s it for now. Either drop comments below or send me a message privately; I’m good either way.

Keep up the good arguing!

Arguing with Friends – more price adjustments

The limited time offer of Arguing with Friends Kindle at $3 is just about over, but I’m only raising the price to $5; still cheaper than it was before. I’m also dropping the price of the paperback a bit to $6. I’ve made the changes at the different websites but it takes a few days for the changes to go. Technology isn’t always instantaneous.


Also, because of the required minimum prices set by Createspace and Amazon, don’t expect a significant drop to either of these prices again! To order, see the links at Get the Book. Enjoy.

AWF on Apologetics 315 top-selling book list

So Arguing with Friends made the “15 top-selling Kindle books” list at Apologetics 315. Industry insiders tell me this list is on its way to replacing the “New York Times Bestsellers” list.

Perhaps somebody should let people know that Arguing with Friends is also available as a paperback. Not everybody likes digital reading (myself included)! Check out the “Get the Book” link at the top of this site for all kinds of purchasing options.

Comment settings changed

It was recently brought to my attention that the comment settings were not how I intended them to be. It forced the commenter to be logged into Twitter, Facebook or WordPress. I wanted to allow people to comment, even if they only leave their email address. Well, I changed it. Hopefully there were not too many people who were unable to comment due to this oversight of mine. My apologies if this describes you.

So, um, that’s it. This is a rather trivial post. Let me leave you with something fun so it wasn’t a complete waste of your time.

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AWF is officially a textbook!

I just found out that Arguing with Friends will officially be a textbook for the Apologetics class at Rocky Mountain College here in Calgary taught by Dan Hardock (to email Dan: dhardock AT rockymountaincollege DOT ca). If you live in Calgary and would like more details about the college or the course, drop him a line; he is very friendly! Continue reading